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FW3 Services at the University of Huddersfield 

FW3 Services reduces the CO2 footprint of the water coolers at the University of Huddersfield 

Discover how FW3 Services has collaborated closely with The University of Huddersfield to provide the optimal drinking water solution for their campus. In a recent case study, we are excited to share our successful journey in meeting the hydration,  sustainability, touchless operation and improved hygiene requirements for this University.

Following the seamless installation of the Borg & Overstorm E4 Water coolers by FW3 Services the University reduced their carbon footprint, saved 80% of the running costs whilst improving hygiene and water quality. Learn why plumbed in water coolers have become an integral part of fostering a conducive, environmentally responsible, and hygienic part of the organisation.

Debbie Jones, Business and Finance Assistant at the University of Huddersfield, exclaims her delight with the sustainable drinking water dispenser solution, stating, “Every week I would be ordering up to 15 bottles of water, and I think in this day and age where we’re all conscious about plastic, it just seemed absolutely crazy.”

Echoing the sentiments of our valued customer, the students are equally thrilled with the FW3 Services solution in strategically placing wE4 water coolers across the campus. The E4 water dispensers provide easy access to high-quality drinking water, allowing students to conveniently refill their bottles and contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic.

Watch our insightful video to hear directly from FW3 Services and how we worked with The University of Huddersfield and gained valuable insights from the university staff on why they chose FW3 Services. FW3 Services, are proud to be at the forefront of delivering innovative hydration solutions that make a positive impact. Join us in embracing a sustainable and refreshing approach to water dispensing!

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