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FW3 Services provides washroom services for a number of sectors, including private enterprises and public sectors. FW3 Services are a supplier of buying consortiums and have vast experience in finding the right solution for your business – whatever that may be!

For example, FW3 Services can advise on how to create a more hygienic environment for a location such as a primary school. This can be done by making recommendations such as implementing good quality children’s hand dryers which are designed to encourage use. Additionally, aircare could be improved within bathrooms with the implementation of air and surface purifiers to help destroy airborne viruses, bacteria and odours. Including water management services would also ensure water and money is saved. All of these suggestions would improve hygiene and efficiency within the school. 

Find your sector below and see how we can help you out with your facilities management.







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Choose which products or services you would like and get in touch via our online form or by calling us on 01823 6720970.

Bespoke solutions for your business.

We perform a survey and provide a quote based on your needs. We can discuss your concerns with you and make recommendations to improve the smooth running of your business.

Friendly and consistent service.

FW3 Services provides you with an ongoing, professional service with regular maintenance and servicing.

Looking for a specific service? FW3 Services provides a wide range of services, from sanitary bin disposals to hand dryers, aircare and water dispensers and much more.

FW3 Services

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