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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Care homes, doctors surgeries, hospitals and healthcare facilities are environments which require the utmost levels of hygiene, cleanliness and comfort. Patients, employees and visitors all should be considered when deciding which services should offered within the healthcare profession. Basic necessities should be provided, as well as protective measures that can be put into place to for vulnerable people.

To protect staff, visitors and particularly vulnerable patients, the quality of air within healthcare facilities can be improved. A BioZone can be placed in reception rooms, communal areas and washrooms where there is lots of passing traffic passing. The benefit of the BioZone in healthcare environments lies in the sterilising effect it has on air and surfaces, and the neutralisation of odours with the destruction of bacteria. By maintaining a sterile environment this reduces the chance of germs and viruses being transferred from person to person and preserves the well-being of patients. By creating a sterile space, this additionally creates a more pleasant, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, particularly with the neutralisation of undesirable scents that are the result of bacteria.

Biozone Aircare Air & Surface Steriliser

Water dispensers are a necessity within all healthcare settings as accessibility to clean, filtered water can provide immediate relief to dehydration, as well as aid patients in drinking water before their appointment if required. Water dispensers are also an amenity that is welcomed by visitors, while water boilers are a highly convenient inclusion for busy staff on the go.

No matter whether it is a hospital, care home or doctors surgery, hand dryers are a necessity. The hygiene benefits and significant financial savings when swapping from paper towel dispensers to hand dryers is reason enough. Fast drying and minimal maintenance hand dryer units provide healthcare institutions with an ongoing service that works seamlessly and requires no regular upkeep. If paper towels were alternatively selected as the hand drying method of choice, this would require regular monitoring of refills and checking to see if paper towels are causing blockages.

Hand dryers featuring HEPA filters are particularly pertinent choices for healthcare organisations as they add another level of protection and enhanced hygiene. All hand dryers offered through FW3 services are touch-free, so there is no risk of picking up bacteria or viruses via contact through pressing a button. The HEPA filters within these hand dryers additionally capture 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, so risk of transmission is kept low.

Waste management within healthcare organisations is vital, with everything from feminine hygiene bins to sharps bins required. For patients, visitors and staff, feminine hygiene bins are a both a legal necessity and a courtesy in providing discreet and hygienic facilities to dispose of feminine hygiene waste. By having the infrastructure in place to responsibly dispose of the contents of sanitary bins this improves hygiene within female, unisex and disabled washrooms. Within healthcare sectors there is also the need to dispose of medical waste and sharps safely and hygienically.