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Biozone Aircare

UV Air Purifier

Removes odours, destroys bacteria & viruses

Combats Bacteria, Viruses & Odours 24/7

This version of the BioZone is designed as a permanent fixture for a variety of different sized rooms including 10m2, 20m2 and 30m2. It is ideal for washrooms as this air purifier continuously combats bacteria, viruses and germs and makes a noticeable difference in reducing unpleasant odours. It is the destruction of bacteria that causes the elimination of odour. The BioZone UV air purifier additionally helps to reduce mould as well as maintain a general level of cleanliness. While the BioZone does not replace cleaning, it is a great tool to aid in the upkeep of hygiene standards. As washrooms aren’t locations people tend to linger in, this model of BioZone is the perfect choice as it can be kept on throughout the day to maximise sanitation. Due to the level of exposure within a washroom the risk of any adverse side effects are minimised.

How it works?

The BioZone UV air purifier operates using UV-C radiation and photoplasma and ozone which are both caused by a UV-C radiation reaction with air. DNA is destroyed by a powerful UV-C light wavelength entering microorganism cell walls and eradicating further growth or reproduction. There are protective measures in place to safeguard people and animals against the BioZone. However, because the BioZone UV air purifier is usually placed in environments such as washrooms, any risk is minimal due to low level of exposure.

When UV-C light reacts with air, photoplasma is created. Photoplasma destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould by covering surfaces and entering the air. Pollutants are broken down by the photoplasma attaching to chemical and organic contaminants and destroying the cell membrane and DNA of microorganisms. The BioZone UV air purifier also creates ozone due to a reaction with oxygen and UV light wavelengths. Compounds are broken down to destroy germs, viruses and bacteria by ozone created. However, as ozone causes irritation in high concentrations, spending long periods of time in the vicinity of a BioZone is not recommended.

Safe & Energy Efficient

By choosing an air purifier such as the BioZone UV you additionally get a great cleaning product that is a much healthier alternative than implementing harsh chemicals. The BioZone UV also uses the equivalent of a 16-watt low-energy light bulb, making it a very sustainable option. This air purifier is additionally effective in successfully combating Coronavirus COVID-19, Influenza, H1N1, H5N1, E. coli, Salmonella and Streptococcus. The BioZone UV is 99% effective in destroying surface viruses and over 98% effective in eliminating airborne bacteria.


  • Input Voltage: 240 VAC
  • Input Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Amperage: 0.2 A
  • Electric Consumption: 24 W
  • Length: 401mm
  • Width: 131mm
  • Height: 91mm
  • Weight: 0.96kg
  • Power Cord Length: 4m
  • Wall/ceiling mountable
  • Programmable timer in 10 minute increments or continuous use
  • Completely automated and chemical-free
  • BIOZONE Photoplasma – Highly energized excited atoms, molecules, radicals and free electrons
  • UV Light – Sanitizing germicidal light, killing airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Available for 10, 20 or 30 square metre rooms
  • Audible Status Alarm
  • Push Button Control
  • Onboard Operation Log
  • Runtime Clock Display
  • UV Lamp Life Meter
  • Space Saving Design
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