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Water Management and Urinal Dosing Systems

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A free quote can be provided based on your water management and dosing system requirements, facilities and preferred rental term.

Installation and Servicing Included

Regular servicing for urinal dosing system and water management system is provided.

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If anything goes wrong, FW3 Services technicians are just a phone call away!

Infrared Water Management System

Operates on a flush cycle triggered by usage.

To maintain the health of your bank account and washroom, FW3 Services offers an efficient water management system and urinal dosing system. This water management system is designed to save money and water on urinals, by preventing flushing until the urinal is used. The FW3 urinal dosing system additionally is designed to prevent uric scale forming so urinals remain clean and odour free.

Water Management System

As stated within The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, water management systems are a vital element of the washroom. As well as being a legal requirement, water management systems result in significant financial savings and a reduction in water consumption. Urinal water management systems are designed to reduce flushes to match the urinals level of use. Without a water management system your urinals will flush continuously. This frequency is often unnecessary as urinals aren’t always in constant use. As a result, without a water management system, constant flushes could result in a huge expense. For example, this water management system saves money by arranging the settings to provide a 12 hour courtesy flush on the days the urinals are not in use (i.e. on weekends in offices). With the urinal no longer flushing continuously over weekends, water and money is instantly saved. 

The water management system provided by FW3 Services operates using an infrared 20 minute cycle. This means if someone approaches a urinal, the water management system will register their presence and after 20 minutes, will trigger a flush. Subsequently, if someone enters after this person, but before the flush, the trigger is set again, and the urinal will not flush until 20 minutes after the last person who approaches the urinal. This is another water saving feature, designed for institutions such as schools which often have heavy use within short periods of times.

The water management system is serviced regularly to ensure it is working as it should.

FW3 Urinal Dosing System

The urinal dosing system doses urinals with biological formulas that removes uric scale. If left untreated, scale could build to eventually restrict water flow through pipes and generate unpleasant odours from bacteria.

FW3 dosing systems disperse measured levels of biological formulas with each flush. By having an automated system in place, this provides more accuracy than if urinals were dosed manually. This saves money and ensures there is no unnecessary waste when the right treatment is administered every time. Additionally, the device is attached to the sparge pipe. This means all urinals sharing the same plumbing only require one dosing system.

To avoid vandalism, the FW3 Services Team can work with you to ensure the dosing system is installed out of reach or within a safety case.

The FW3 dosing system is serviced regularly, ensuring the biological formulas are replenished.