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Water Cooler / Heater



Convenient & Elegant

This Quench Water Cooler/Heater works to produce both cool and hot water, making it a convenient dispenser. However due to the dual nature of this water cooler/heater dispenser, the water boiler functionality only reaches between 75 and 90 degrees Celsius, meaning while it doesn’t quite reach boiling point it remains the perfect machine for making coffee and pot noodles. With the cooling temperature of this dispenser sitting between 4-10 degrees Celsius, you’ll always receive fresh, cold water. By choosing a water cooler/heater dispenser you are selecting a very convenient option to include within the workplace, removing the hassle of purchasing two separate dispensers. This water cooler/heater is additionally available in two colours, providing you with a choice of black or white to suit your work environment.


  • Available in black and white
  • Power: 125W (cold water) – 500W (hot water)
  • Cooling temperature: 4°C ~ 10°C
  • Heating temperature: 75°C ~ 90°C
  • Dimensions: 40x29x110cm
  • Weight: 32.5kg
  • Mains-fed water dispenser
  • Chilled Tank Reservoir
  • Dispensing height: 17cm