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E4 Water Dispenser

Direct Chill Cooler / Heater

Floor standing / countertop

Sustainably superior, the E4 is the next evolution in premium water dispensing, combining energy-efficiency with powerful performance in every pour. Featuring our exclusive modular ProCore® system, advanced DryChill® rapid cooling technology and antimicrobial touch panel protection, the E4 offers a 3-way versatility and is perfect for filling water bottles, glasses and carafes with freshly-filtered chilled, ambient, sparkling or hot water, at the touch of a button.

Key features of the E4 water dispenser include:

ProCore® System: The E4 is powered by an exclusive modular ProCore® system, which enhances energy efficiency and overall performance.

DryChill® Airless Rapid Cooling System: The integrated DryChill® technology ensures rapid cooling without the use of air, reducing the risk of contamination and maintaining a high level of hygiene for every glass of water.

Bluetooth® Connectivity: The E4 comes with Bluetooth® connectivity, allowing users to control and monitor the dispenser remotely for added convenience.

Environmentally Conscious Design: The E4 is designed and manufactured in the UK in a zero-to-landfill facility, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, the supply chain is nearshored, minimizing transportation emissions.

3-Way Versatility: The dispenser offers hot, chilled, ambient, and sparkling water options, catering to various preferences and needs.

Eco-Refrigerant Cooling: The cooling system utilizes eco-refrigerants, which are more environmentally friendly than traditional refrigerants.

Recyclable Components: The E4 is constructed with recyclable components, promoting a sustainable approach to product design.

Totality® Water Purification Methodology: Totality® is a 5-step methodology that ensures pure, healthy, and premium water. It reduces sediment, odors, chlorine, and microplastics, guaranteeing safe and clean drinking water.

Viovandt® UV-C Purification Accessory: For additional peace of mind, users can opt for the Viovandt® UV-C purification accessory. This technology uses ultraviolet LED light for chemical-free sterilization, reducing bacteria and viruses.

Bottleless Water Solution: The E4 promotes a bottleless water approach, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles and coffee cups, and encouraging users to refill with locally sourced, sustainable water options.

Hygienic Design: The dispenser’s contemporary aesthetics are easy-to-clean and feature a durable Fynil® finish with added antimicrobial protection, ensuring hygiene confidence in communal areas.

Overall, the E4 water dispenser aims to provide an evolved, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for delivering fresh and clean water in various environments while reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

  • Capacity:
    Chilled – 50 L/h
    Sparkling – 50 L/h
    Hot – 15 L/h
  • Temperature:
    Chilled – 2°C
    Sparkling – 2°C
    Hot – 92°C
  • Dispense height: 290mm
    Perfect for filling water bottles, glasses or carafes
  • Power: 230-240v
  • Dimensions:
    Countertop: W320xD400xH415mmm
    Floorstanding: W320xD400xH910mm