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Waste Management

Free Duty of Care

FW3 Services are able to assist with the correct paperwork for your waste management Duty of Care certificate or Waste Transfer Note to ensure you have proof of your compliance.

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Why is Waste Management Important?

Hygiene, ongoing building maintenance and legal requirements all call for a regular collection of sanitary, medical waste, sharps and nappy bins. Different types of businesses that may require medical waste disposal include hospitals, care homes and medical centres, dentists, tattoo studios, education facilities and beauticians. Waste management is a necessity for all businesses, and regular, reliable servicing is key to the smooth running of a successful business. FW3 Services has the facilities and capabilities to provide both of these services to fully support your business.

The disposal of sanitary, nappy and clinical waste also needs to be disposed of correctly and in line with legal requirements. The Water Industries Act 1991 is in place to ensure no sanitary waste products are flushed to protect drains and sewage systems. The Environmental Protection Action 1990 places a duty of care on all organisations that produce, keep or dispose of controlled waste, including sanitary waste and nappy waste. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 also stipulates sanitary conveniences are available at easily accessible locations. Sharps bins are required under The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005 as any waste considered hazardous to others or the environment must be stored securely before collection. Therefore, these waste management services are a necessity as it is a legal requirement to dispose of waste responsibly.

Duty of Care Requirements

FW3 Services additionally supply the necessary tools to meet Duty of Care requirements and provide completed Duty of Care Waste Transfer notes. As a result, the FW3 Team ensures waste is collected and stored safely and securely. You can easily ensure your business is compliant with your Duty of Care responsibilities by engaging FW3 Services.  With each waste management collection, FW3 undertakes a risk assessment (RAMS) for the disposal of every type of waste collected. 

Waste transfer notes are supplied annually. These are a legal requirement that tracks the transfer of waste, including who it’s collected from, who is collecting it and where the waste is going. All sanitary and medical waste collected by FW3 Services is disposed as Zero Waste to Landfill. As a result, your carbon footprint is minimised. Another copy of the waste transfer note can be requested at any time from your account manager.

Feminine Hygiene Bins

Most workplaces, institutions and public spaces require feminine hygiene bins. For many businesses and locations a monthly collection is sufficient. However if more collections are required, for example in large schools, more frequent collections can be arranged. FW3 Services additionally provides continuity in service technicians. With a regular technician, your time is saved as the technician is familiar with bin locations and can navigate their way  independently. 

FW3 Services offers a bag replacement service for feminine hygiene bins. Some companies alternatively offer whole bin replacement services. This results in a new, sanitised bin replacing the used bin they are collecting. While this may seem like a preferable service, many of the replacement bins are not brand new. By receiving a new bin each time you may be given a bin in worse condition than your original bin. By having a bag replacement service you will keep your brand new bin throughout.

The FW3 bag replacement service ensures bins are cleaned with disinfectant at each collection, so there are no sanitation concerns. By changing sanitary bags this additionally provides a more discreet service, as multiple bags are placed within a tiger bag. This singular bag will be removed from the premises, rather than multiple, bulky bins being carried in and out. Antibacterial sachets are additionally placed within the feminine hygiene bags to neutralise odours.