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Water Coolers & Water Boilers

FW3 Services provides and services mains connected water coolers and water boilers.

Our Service Team will survey the area you would like your water coolers & water boilers installed. If because of incompatibility with electricity and water points, or other unforeseen reasons the water dispensers cannot be installed within that area, the team will come up with bespoke solution to suit your needs.

Quench Water Cooler / Heater
Quench Slimline Drinking Water Fountain SLF
Countertop Water Boiler
Quench Wall Kettle
Borg & Overström B3
Borg & Overström E4

Variety of Contract Terms Available

3 or 5 year contracts available.


Yearly Servicing as Standard on Water Boilers

Includes descaling.


Six Monthly Servicing on Water Coolers

Filter changes included.


No Obligation, Free Site Survey

FW3 Services will conduct a free site survey to advise the suitability of a water cooler or water boiler.

Water Coolers

You will have a constant and ready flow of fresh, cooled water by including water coolers within your workplace. Additionally, supplying water cooler dispensers promotes the reduction of single use plastics. Furthermore, you are helping your staff or customers save money and time as they have a place to refill their water bottles with filtered, chilled water.

Mains water coolers are a great water dispenser option. Choosing mains water coolers instead of bottled water coolers reduces the need to store and order bulky bottles. Additionally, with mains water coolers there is no need to lift heavy bottles awkwardly onto a stand. Mains water coolers are much more convenient options.

Direct Chill Vs. Tank Water Coolers

Most of the water coolers offered by the FW3 Services Team operate through direct chill rather than a reservoir tank. Direct chill water coolers are hygienic and perform consistently when dispensing chilled water, which is why they are a popular choice. Water is chilled as it flows through the direct chill cool water dispenser. This is opposed to the chilled reservoir tanks, which work by drawing water into a small tank where it is chilled in advance of use. Water coolers that feature reservoir tanks can result in bacteria breeding within the water tank when left unused for extended periods of time.

Chilled tank water coolers tend to be inconsistent in their distribution of cold water. When the reservoir tank water dispenser is used, fresh water enters the tank to replace the drawn off volume. Subsequently, if more water is drawn shortly after, it will not be at the ideal chilled temperature until enough time has passed to allow the tank to properly chill its contents. This is particularly noticeable if a large amount of water has been drawn off in one go. However, if the dispenser is used steadily and regularly, water coolers with chilled tanks are a great option.

Water Cooler Leasing and Servicing

Ongoing maintenance and installation costs are included within the low weekly rental costs, making water coolers manageable and affordable. The regular payments help to manage cashflow, whereas the irregular cost of bottle fed water coolers may vary depending on use. Additionally, you could be left without water if you run out bottles and do not want to order a surplus. Whereas, mains fed water coolers will always have a ready supply. As a result, the convenience of mains fed water coolers provides immeasurable value.

FW3 Services ensures your water coolers are maintained to a safe level by changing the filter every six months and sanitising the water cooler. Depending on usage levels and water quality, your filter may only need to be replaced when your cooler is serviced. Alternatively, if you have heavy usage and hard water, your filter may need to be replaced more regularly. This is something that can be determined and managed by our Service Team. Furthermore, as part of your service, components that cause leaks will be replaced and the team is on hand for call outs.  

The FW3 Services Team can additionally take over the servicing of existing water coolers if you are looking to change facilities management provider and would like to keep the water coolers you already have installed.

Water Boilers

Water boilers increase convenience for busy office environments and workplaces. Time, energy and money is saved as a result of instant boiling water. This is because the kettle doesn’t have to be filled and there is no waiting for it to boil. By including a mains connected water boiler this means you have limitless and instant access to boiling water. As a result, water boilers provide efficiency that results in increased productivity and also is a safer option. This is because the design of hot water dispensers takes away the risk of picking up heavy kettles and pouring them, removing the splash risk. Instead, they alternatively have a safer dispensing nozzle that a mug can be placed beneath, reducing the risk of spills and accidental burns.

Water boilers are descaled annually to ensure they continue to work efficiently and effectively. Alongside this, the FW3 Services Team will check to make sure your water boiler is working as it should and provide a breakdown service in case anything goes awry.