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Urinal Dosing System

Biological Formulation Dispenser

Keeps the urinal clean.

Uric Scale Prevention

A dosing system that dispenses a biological formulation to ensure urinals are kept clean and to prevent uric scale from building up. The system works by dosing the urinal or urinals with every flush. This works as the system is attached to the sparge pipes and enters with the water stream. This regular maintenance prevents uric scale from causing odour and eventually obstructing pipes with its build up. By choosing to implement the system, this takes out of the risk of human error that would occur by manually dosing urinals. It additionally saves time and man power, and with regular servicing from FW3 Services there is no need worry about refilling the system with the cleaning formula.

Working intervals that fit your needs

The system can be programmed to operate over a 8, 12, 16 or 24 hour period based upon your businesses washroom usage. It can also be set to operate from a start time and the days of operation can be programmed into the device, enabling it to work either five, six or seven days of the week depending on your business’s needs. This device additionally features a visible countdown clock until the next dose and includes an automatic reset button when refilled. The dispenser can be locked for extra security to avoid vandalism.


  • Height: 241mm
  • Width: 129mm
  • Depth: 95mm
  • 3000 metred doses per refill
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs