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Gyms and Leisure Centres Services

Gyms and leisure centres are environments that are heavily used by a large number of people on a daily basis. Equipment is handled regularly with damp hands, leaving behind sweat residue and furthering the spread of bacteria and viruses. By touching multiple machines and different pieces of gym equipment, even briefly can lead to the spread of germs and bacteria. With such a high risk of bacteria and viruses being spread among a large group of people, gyms and leisure centres are a prime location to include air purification and hand dryers. Gyms and leisure centres are additionally venues that would benefit from water coolers to assist with keeping patrons hydrated during and after exercise. FW3 Services has a wide range of water coolers to choose from, so you can select the best option for your premises.

FW3 Services offer a wide range of water coolers suitable for leisure centres or gyms. Providing an easily accessible water dispenser will ensure those who are experiencing dehydration have access to water as well as serve to refill water bottles. Offering these facilities provides an essential service to those using the gym or leisure centre and helps to promote the reduction of single use plastics.

To keep gyms and leisure centres as clean as possible, it is recommended the BioZone is implemented within key areas such as washrooms and exercise rooms. The BioZone removes airborne bacteria and cleans surfaces through a combination of ozone and plasma. By switching on the BioZone when the gym is not in use this helps clean the equipment effectively in preparation for the next time the room will be open for use. In addition to reducing the levels of bacteria in the room, this will additionally eliminate any odours left over from patrons using the equipment throughout the day. The BioZone Mini PowerZone is appropriate for main gym areas as it can be moved room to room and switched on when the space is not in use. The BioZone UV is ideal for washrooms and changing rooms as they are always kept on and are designed for smaller spaces that have heavy traffic, but aren’t frequented for extended periods of time. The BioZone PR could be used within this environment for reception areas and treatment rooms as they can be switched on and off via the remote control.

Biozone Aircare Air & Surface Steriliser

Like in any space open to the public, hand dryers are a necessity. By providing hand dryers this ensures hands are kept dry after washing, which means they are less likely to spread germs. Maintaining hand hygiene is very important within the gym due to the high contact nature of this environment.