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Hand Dryers

Ultra-Hygienic Options Available

HEPA filters in a selection of our most hygienic commercial hand dryers.

Installation and Servicing Included

FW3 Services takes care of everything, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Breakdown Cover

If you experience any problems FW3 will be on hand to help you out.

No Obligation Quote

Let the team know your situation and your requirements for a free, bespoke quote.

Commercial hand dryers effectively and efficiently dry hands. They also provide a cheap and ongoing service which requires little maintenance. Providing a suitable means of hand drying is both a legal requirement and a hygiene essential. According to The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, suitable drying facilities should be provided at easily accessible locations. This is seconded by the Health and Safety Executive (2021) who have stated electrical hand dryers are appropriate hand drying solutions, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The hand dryers provided by FW3 Services fulfils these requirements as they are all modern and well tested.

Additionally, when it comes to health, it has been proven that less bacteria and viruses are transferred when hands are dried thoroughly. Damp hands transfer these germs more easily than dry hands, which make hand dryers an efficient and hygienic choice. By providing efficient hand drying facilities, this can significantly improve health. Including commercial hand dryers can prevent illness and save lives,  particularly for the vulnerable.

Hand dryerBiodrier ECOBiodrier BioliteBiodrier 3D Smart DryBiodrier ExecutiveBiodrier Business2Biodrier BiobotDiamond Dryer
Available coloursWhite, silver, chromeWhite, silver, chromeBrushed satin steelSilver, whiteSilver, whiteBlueSilver, graphite, rose gold
Power900W650W (heater off), 900W (heater on)500-1300W700-1000W700-1400W650W (heater off), 900W (heater on)300W
Drying timeup to 10secup to 10secup to 10secup to 10secup to 10secup to 10sec10 – 12sec
Air speed64 m/s (140m³/h)64 m/s (140m³/h)75 m/s (85 m³/h)155 m/s @1000 Watts110 m/s (200m³/h)64 m/s (140m³/h)90 m/s
Unit sizeW 280 x H 300 x D 175mmW240 X H268 X D176mmW 228 x H 278 x D 154mmW 330 x H 670 x D 230mmW 300 x H 680 x D 250mmW280 X H300 X D175mm272 x 136 x 123mm
MaterialDie cast aluminiumDie cast aluminiumStainless steelFireproof ABS, 94V0, PMMA, UV coatedFireproof ABS, 94V0, PMMA, UV coatedDie cast aluminiumAnodized aluminium
Decibel rating76 dba @ 1 mtr76 dba @ 1 mtr70 dba @ 1 mtr58-80 dba @ 1 mtr78 dba @ 1 mtr76 dba @ 1 mtr≤ 75dB(A) @ 1 mtr
MoreDrip proof: IP22,
isolation: Class I
Drip proof: IP22,
isolation: Class I
Optional H13 HEPA filter, brushless motor, drip proof: IPX2,
isolation: Class I
Antibacterial H13 HEPA filter, brushless motor, drip proof: IP33,
isolation: Class II
Antibacterial filter, brushless motor, drip proof: IP22,
isolation: Class I
Colourful splashguard, drip proof: IP22,
isolation: Class I
Brushless motor, drip proof: IPX2,
isolation: Class I

Why Choose Hand Dryers?

The running cost of hand dryers is much more affordable than replacing disposable towels. Furthermore, paper towels result in rubbish build up and can cause blockages if hand towels are flushed. The overall ongoing maintenance and time put towards maintaining paper towels is higher than hand dryers. Hand dryers that are leased have no large outlay, allowing costs to be spread out and ensuring an ongoing service is provided. Breakdown cover is also included, so once you have a hand dryer in place you have peace of mind that it will continue to work without hassle.

Paper towels are also less environmentally friendly options than hand dryers. This is because the paper used cannot be recycled further and will only become waste after it has been used. The modern hand dryers offered by FW3 Services are all designed to save energy and are cost-effective. By choosing fast, modern and efficient hand dryers, your organisation presents a positive image to employees, customers and visitors.

Hygienic Hand Dryers

If you are looking for even more hygienic drying options, many of the hand dryers offered by FW3 Services include HEPA filters. HEPA filters are great options for providing enhanced protection against the transfer of germs and viruses. Some hand dryers within the range also offer anti-microbial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria. As a result, the transfer of germs and viruses to hands during the drying process is prevented. HEPA filters are changed at each service, so each hand dryer works seamlessly.