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Call Centre and Office Hygiene Services

Call centres and offices are busy, vibrant environments. As a result, washroom and office maintenance is required to keep a pleasant and healthy environment. To achieve this, FW3 Services recommends including water dispensers along with air purifiers and fresheners to create a healthier and more relaxed atmosphere. Call centre and office hygiene services additionally should include sanitary bin collections and hand dryers.

Water dispensers for office environments are highly beneficial. As air conditioning causes dehydration, water should be readily available for staff to make use of. Dehydration causes headaches, dizziness or light-headedness and increased drowsiness, which can diminish productivity and general wellbeing. Chronic dehydration can additionally lead to more serious symptoms. By providing easily accessible, chilled and pleasant tasting water, this encourages staff to drink more and provides a readily available alternative to bottled drinks. By offering an alternative, this reduces the need to purchase single use plastics and energy or sugar based drinks.

Additionally, by providing a specific space designed to house water dispensers, this encourages staff to engage in “water cooler conversation”. By doing so, this helps employees build their relationships and create a more cohesive work environment. Water boilers similarly provide communal areas to stimulate informal conversation.

Water boilers are ideal for office environments, providing plenty of hot water without any of the waiting around required with kettles. Office water boilers increase productivity as there is no waiting for the kettle to boil or reboil if there isn’t enough water to make a round of tea. Additionally, office hot water dispensers generate less mess and accidents than kettles.

Improving air quality can make a big difference when it comes to maximising the health of staff and reducing absenteeism. By implementing office air purifiers, bacteria and viruses are killed and air and surfaces are sterilised. A BioZone kills airborne bacteria through its UV light and destroys surface bacteria and viruses via the plasma it generates. This is a much needed product in offices and call centres as air is often recirculated. Without a BioZone, staff in enclosed, shared spaces within call centres and offices are likely to get ill if the air quality remains poor. BioZone units are additionally effective in sterilising environments that traditionally harbour germs and bacteria, such as washrooms. By creating a sterile environment in the washroom this ensures hands stay clean after they are washed, as the newly sterilised hand dryer or door handle won’t transfer any germs, viruses or bacteria onto clean, dry hands.

Office air fresheners are another way to improve the circulated air. A pleasant scent within the office creates a more inviting atmosphere and a happier workforce. Whilst air fresheners don’t actually destroy bacteria or viruses, they go a long way in improving office environments.

Hand dryers are an important inclusion within the workplace and the washroom. Fast hand dryers ensure hands are dried quickly and efficiently. By having properly dried hands, this improves hygiene and health within the office and reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Depending on where the washroom is located, there is additionally the option of choosing hand dryers based on the level of noise they emit. Quieter hand dryers are best suited to washrooms that are located close to offices or meeting rooms to minimise disruption. However hand dryers that are in well insulated washrooms or are appropriately distanced from work spaces do not need to have such a reduced sound output. If decibel ratings are not your main concern, there are a number of highly effective hand dryers to choose from, including blade and high speed dryers. FW3 Services can help you establish if a quiet hand dryer is required for your business. Many of the hand dryers offered by FW3 Services additionally feature hygienic measures such as HEPA filters. These filters add another level of hygiene to the washroom environment, ensuring the space is kept clean and reducing the transfer of germs via hand dryers.

Sanitary bins are necessary in all public and staff female washrooms, including within offices and call centres. As well as being a legal requirement, providing sufficient and accessible sanitary disposal services is another way to provide a dignified washroom experience and make your female staff members feel valued and comfortable coming to work.

FW3 Services will arrange regular collections to keep hygiene to a high standard. Additionally, antibacterial sachets are included within the sanitary bags that line the bins to neutralise any odours.