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Food Factories and Catering Businesses

Organisations with food preparation as a key component of the business requires the highest standard of hygiene. The chance of cross contamination and the spreading of bacteria and viruses should be kept to an absolute minimum. FW3 Services can help maintain the hygiene levels required by providing the facilities to sterilise air and surfaces, dry hands quickly and efficiently and keep a clean washroom for maintaining personal hygiene practices.  

Air and surface purification devices such as a BioZone can be installed in preparation areas and washrooms. The cleanliness of these two areas are key for ensuring there is no cross contamination. Food preparation areas need to stay as clean and sterile as possible, which can be achieved by the BioZone destroying both airborne and surface bacteria and viruses. Whilst food preparation areas still need to be cleaned regularly, a BioZone will help to maintain a steady level of cleanliness. Including a BioZone within the washroom additionally reduces the transfer of bacteria to food preparation areas, and ensures personal hygiene is kept at the highest standard.
Biozone Aircare Air & Surface Steriliser

Installing efficient hand dryers beside hand washing stations in food factories or catering kitchens will help keep hands completely dry prior to entering food preparation areas. By providing efficient and hygienic hand dryers in these locations there is less chance of picking up or transferring germs through damp hands. Using fast hand dryers instead of paper towels additionally saves a significant amount of money and means there is no longer a large volume of hand towel waste to dispose of.

In line with workplace regulations and for the purpose of maximising hygiene, sanitary bins need to provided and regular collections organised. Feminine hygiene bins are an important element of the smooth running of any business, and with regular collections undertaken there is no need to think about this service.