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Aircare, and the quality of air within the workplace, is incredibly important for health. Both air purification and deodorisation positively impact workplaces. Particular areas can be specifically targeted to improve air quality. This could be smaller locations such as washrooms or larger spaces including offices or reception areas.

Air Purifiers and Air Fresheners Available

BioZone Air and Surface Purifiers Serviced Annually

Air Fresheners Serviced Monthly or Bi-Monthly

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Biozone Aircare Air & Surface Steriliser
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Aircare and Air Purification

By including air purifiers within your space, this increases the quality of air. As a result, absenteeism and illness is reduced. Much of the air within offices and enclosed spaces is recirculated. This means airborne viruses and bacteria can be easily spread. By including an air purifier within an office the air is cleaned and the spread of illness is reduced.

The BioZone air purifiers offered by FW3 Services also deodorise. These devices destroys bacteria and viruses, which in turn removes unpleasant odours. As well as eliminating odours, BioZones have proven results of destroying 99.9% of all airborne viruses including COVID-19. Because these air purifiers are so effective in destroying viruses, they significantly contribute to the health and wellbeing of staff and visitors.

Air purifiers such as these are perfect for washroom areas where there is more bacteria and a higher level of traffic. In addition to this, office environments such as meeting rooms and reception areas also benefit from air purifiers. This is because guests and visitors frequent these areas regularly. Offices also often have chemicals from fresh paint, new furnishings and floorings that contaminate the air. Laser printers additionally release fine chemicals that enter the air circulation. The BioZone combats all of these airborne and surface microbes and bacteria to create healthier air.

As part of the annual service, FW3 Services replace BioZone UV lights. This is a very important part of the service the as ultra violet light continues to emit light long after they have ceased being effective, giving the illusion they are still working. By including a fresh ultra violet light in the BioZone this ensures the device remains active.

Choosing your BioZone

There are multiple BioZones available to choose from, depending on your space and your requirements.

The BioZone AC is the perfect choice for washrooms, as the aircare device is available for a wide range of room sizes, including 10, 20 and 30 square metre spaces.

The BioZone Mini Powerzone unit is a much more powerful device than the BioZone AC. The PowerZone is suited to room sizes of 60-120 square metres. This BioZone is also portable and is suited to a location such as a funeral home or care home which has lots of empty room that need to be sterilised. In environments such as this, the air purifier can be moved to different rooms and switched on overnight to sterilise the space.

The BioZone PR is designed for reception rooms, meeting rooms and offices as it is remote controlled. This means the BioZone can be turned on and off at will. So, if someone is spending lots of time within the room they can restrict their exposure to the ozone created by the device.

With this wide range of aircare options available, you will be able to find the right device for your business to combat illness and destroy bacteria and viruses.

Air Fresheners and Aircare

Air fresheners are a key component of aircare. This air freshening device is particularly useful when used alongside the Biozone. This is because air fresheners are perfect for disguising the sterile smell generated by the Biozone. However, air fresheners do not create a healthier environment and are only recommended to improve room odours. Air fresheners ensure your environment smells pleasant and inviting. By offering a fresh smelling environment this will set customers, colleagues and visitors at ease.

Air fresheners are serviced on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule, depending on the frequency of the freshener’s settings. The settings are scheduled when the air freshener is installed and the service periods calculated. Batteries are also replaced when required during services.