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Biodrier Biobot

Hand Dryers for Schools

2 Designs available

Designed for Schools

Biodrier Biobots are designed as hand dryers for schools. These practical and efficient hand dryers are designed to appeal to children with their fun and friendly design. These hand dryers are mounted onto backboard designs which cater for both younger and older children. These designs are cleverly made to be both approachable to children and provide a way to make the Biobot appropriate for older and younger children by ensuring the Biobot can be effortlessly installed at different heights. In addition to a fun design, these backboards feature environmental messages and allows for fast and easy cleaning, protecting the walls from any water spray. By having a friendly and fun design, this encourages children to use these hand dryers and promotes hygienic habits to ensure hands are properly dried.

Energy Efficient Hand Dryer

These hand dryers for schools are environmentally friendly, and save power with the efficient high speed design. This hand dryer offers a significant financial saving when compared with traditional warm air hand dryers or paper towels, so money saved can be put into another valuable area of your business or institution. This hand dryer additionally has a decibel rating of 76dB, providing an average noise output for a high performance hand dryer. A brushed motor powers this hand dryer and a 60 second automatic shut off time is programmed in to ensure energy isn’t wasted if the hand dryer is not being used. The Biobot is constructed from cast die aluminium which makes it hardy and vandal resistant. This hand dryer for schools is based on the Biodrier Eco, which provides the perfect companion hand dryer for older children or adult washrooms.

Compact Hand Dryer

The Biodrier Biobot is additionally compact, ensuring it can fit within most washrooms with space to spare. This model makes a great hand dryer for schools as it is fast drying, so there is no need to stand at the hand dryer for extended periods of time. With large numbers of students using the washroom during break times, this fast drying hand dryer means students won’t be waiting for their turn and will have a chance to dry hands properly.


  • Operating voltage: 220-240Vac, 50 Hz
  • Air speed: 64 m/s (140m³/h)
  • Motor type: 650W adjustable brush type
  • Heater element: 250W thermal protected
  • Rating power: 900W
  • Drying time: Under 10 seconds
  • Circuit operation: Infrared automatic, self-adjusting
  • Timing protection: 60 seconds auto shut off
  • Drip proof: IP22
  • Isolation: Class I
  • Net weight: 4.5kg
  • Unit size: W 280 x H 300 x D 175mm
  • Finish: Die cast aluminium; Blue
  • Decibel rating: 76 dba @ 1 mtr
  • Approvals: CE, WEEE, Greenspec